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Rodeo Appliance is your go-to destination for exceptional Sub-Zero repair services in Orange County. Our certified team specializes in the repair and maintenance of Sub-Zero appliances, offering a level of expertise and care that matches the luxury and sophistication of the brand. From refrigerators to wine storage, our Orange County Sub-Zero repair services are designed to ensure your appliances perform flawlessly.

Recognizing the importance of your time, Rodeo Appliance offers convenient scheduling and prompt service. Our Orange County Sub-Zero repair technicians arrive on time, equipped with the necessary tools and parts to complete most repairs in a single visit, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Our technicians are not just experts in appliance repair; they are trained specifically in Sub-Zero products. This specialized knowledge allows for precise diagnostics and efficient repairs, tailored to the unique needs of your Sub-Zero appliances. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a major repair, our Orange County team is prepared to handle it with unmatched expertise.

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We believe in maintaining the integrity of your Sub-Zero appliances, which is why we use only genuine Sub-Zero parts for all repairs. These parts are crafted to meet the exact specifications of your appliance, ensuring a perfect match and restoring its optimal performance.

Beyond immediate repairs, we offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your Sub-Zero appliances in top condition. Regular maintenance can enhance performance, extend appliance lifespan, and help avoid unexpected breakdowns.
At Rodeo Appliance, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We are committed to providing an exceptional service experience, from the first contact to the completion of your repair. Our dedication to quality service in Orange County is backed by a guarantee of satisfaction, ensuring your Sub-Zero appliances are in the best hands.

For any issues with your Sub-Zero refrigerator, wine cooler, or any other appliance, rely on our Sub-Zero Orange County repair expertise. Let us help you maintain the luxury, efficiency, and reliability of your Sub-Zero appliances with the care and precision they require.

We set the standard for superior repair services, ensuring timely and proficient solutions.

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Problems We Fix:

  • Sub Zero not cooling/not cold
  • Sub Zero leaking water
  • Sub Zero maintenance
  • Sub Zero error code
  • Sub Zero freezer frosting
  • Sub Zero flashing service
  • Sub Zero not making ice
  • Sub Zero making noise
  • Sub Zero door seal issue
  • Sub Zero ice maker overflowing
  • Sub Zero refrigerator light not working
  • Sub Zero fridge overcooling
  • Sub Zero freezer not defrosting
  • Sub Zero water dispenser not working
  • Sub Zero fridge or freezer door not closing properly
  • Sub Zero unusual odor
  • Sub Zero compressor problems
  • Sub Zero thermostat issues
  • Sub Zero condenser coils need cleaning


Sub-Zero Appliances

We Service All:

  • Built-In Refrigerator Models
  • Integrated Refrigerator Models
  • Under-counter Refrigerator Models
  • Wine Storage Units
  • Freezer Columns
  • Refrigerator Columns
  • Full-Size Refrigerators
  • Full-Size Freezers
  • Under-counter Freezers
  • Under-counter Beverage Centers
  • Under-counter Ice Makers
  • Under-counter Refrigerator Drawers
  • Under-counter Freezer Drawers
  • Outdoor Refrigerators